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Easy, Inexpensive 3D Animation Promised With Emotion 3D

Anark Interactive Media announced the impending release of Emotion 3D: Web Edition, to debut in April at Spring Internet World 99 in Los Angeles.It will allow Web designers and developers to create rollover buttons, animated GIFs, and animated 3D clipart via a wizard interface.

AniMesh, the engine at the heart of the product, works by algorithmically applying animations to any object. Unlike other techniques, the animation information exists separately from the object. For example, if a user creates an animation of a company logo doing flips, then decides to change the object to a company mascot, the same animation would automatically be mapped onto the new object. Click here for an online gallery of samples.

In addition to its powerful animation functionality, Emotion 3D: Web Edition allows users to produce effects such as drop shadows, glows, outlines and more. Users can select any of their own 2D or 3D clipart, or choose from the content provided with Emotion 3D.

The program includes 60 separate animations that can be combined to create a virtually unlimited number of animation sequences. Anark plans to release additional versions of Emotion 3D, including plug-ins for MS Office, Macromedia Director and other versions to be announced soon. A complete feature list is available here. The projected price is $69.