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Jabber Dangles Free Enterprise IM Carrot

Denver, Colo.-based Jabber Inc., an instant messaging software maker for the enterprise whose technological foundation is the open-source project Jabber.org, Tuesday launched a program under which a limited user version of its flagship product will be available for free download.

Beginning Tuesday, users will be able to go here to snap up the Jabber Communications Platform (JCP) server. The program is called Jabber Everywhere, under which the firm, which architects IM applications based on XML, will offer the registered users free reign to enjoy full-text messaging, group conference features, and XML routing for real-time communications between applications.

While code from Jabber's Open Source Project is shared frequently, Jabber Everywhere represents the first time a free version of the JCP platform was made available. The program is targeted for developers looking to create Jabber-based applications and small businesses hoping to lasso an IM tool for 100 employees or less.

"This is not Open Source software, but rather the same code implemented by Jabber for our largest corporate and service provider customers," said Don Bergal, vice president of marketing for Jabber. "Our objective is to enable development on our commercial server and to make Jabber accessible to organizations typically too small to license our product."

Jabber Inc. is an independently operated subsidiary of Webb Interactive Services.