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Sign Me Up Marketing Debuts XBuilder Version 2.1

Sign Me Up Marketing Thursday released XBuilder version 2.1, the multi-purpose tool that converts dynamic Web sites, including multi-language international sites, to static HTML.

XBuilder provides developers with an affordable method of generating a static site. This allows search engines to crawl dynamic sites to drive traffic to the site, ensures quality control, enhances performance speed and converts files from a database-driven site to a format which can be placed on a CD-ROM for distribution. This helps companies to maximize the investment in their Web site.

XBuilder increases a site performance and enables the deployment of the site from one location to another, including CD-ROMs, mirror sites, laptops and external hosting companies. Customers which distribute catalogs and other documentation can take any information from the Web server on a CD for internal and external distribution.

Features of XBuilder version 2.1 include:

  • Online documentation updated twice a month
  • Ability to build international Web sites
  • Mime-type detection and handling with the opportunity to add and remove mime-types
  • The ability to combine HTTP domains
  • The ability to add files from FTP sites
  • Multi-threaded support for faster builds
  • Warning messages and errors to communicate build problems
  • Programmatically name files, and detection of duplicate file names
  • Programmatically exclude files
  • Automatic naming of files
  • Enhanced scope interface for defining scopes of inclusions and restrictions for projects
  • The ability to build CD-ROMs outside of the root of the drive
  • Searching of either project window or output window for text
  • Copy/Paste from output window
  • Find/Replace during the build
  • The ability to configure which HTML tags are crawled, including proprietary tags
  • Adding Orphan pages to project

XBuilder v 2.1 sels for a retail price of $549. For additional information about XBuilder, visit the Sign Me Up Marketing Web site.