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Sabre Unlocks Its GDS with XML Power Tool Kit

Sabre Holdings Corp., a technology provider for the travel industry, Wednesday added an XML Web development tool to its Sabre eVoya eStorefront suite, intended to help travel agencies bring their services online.

Sabre's new XML Power Tool Kit allows Web designers to access the company's global distribution system (GDS) without resorting to specialized Sabre programming knowledge.

"It continues to be our goal to make the Sabre system available globally to all who can benefit from our content," said Greg Webb, Sabre senior vice president for Product Development. "Not only is Sabre GDS the most robust in the world, but now it is the most universally accessed system as well. Communicating using XML has literally opened the door wider for developers, Web designers and agents alike to take full advantage of the travel information we track, monitor and update 24/7 at Sabre."

Webb added, "Developers have been able to receive Sabre content using XML for a year now. Today's announcement has just made it infinitely easier and faster for them to receive and send information to and from Sabre using XML. In today's economy, rapid time to market is the top priority. With the XML Power Tool Kit, companies can literally create, in a matter of days, a Web site with access to the richest reservoir of airline, hotel and rental car booking information available in the industry today.

The tool kit also gives developers the ability to automate many of the proprietary functions designed to connect to the Sabre GDS, freeing their time for other tasks.

Sabre also said that it will continue to evolve its services model, especially as Web services emerges.