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Firms Upgrade UDDI Business Registry

A few weeks after Microsoft Corp. and IBM Corp. aired an XML-based Web services specification, the two tech giants were back in the trenches to further develop their Web Yellow Pages services initiative known as the Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI) project. This time, they enlisted Hewlett-Packard Co. and SAP to offer spruced up UDDI services.

At hand is the second version beta of UDDI, which in its first casting was created by Microsoft and IBM to help businesses find Web services they need. On Monday the four firms said they had expanded UDDI functionality to improve support for rolling out public and private Web service registries. Also in the mix is the ability for enterprises to deploy private registries to manage internal Web services using the UDDI specification.

As an example, the firms said a manufacturer may share information about a parts inventory Web service with its business partners through a private UDDI registry.

"As a core component of the emerging Web services infrastructure, UDDI delivers key features to help facilitate the discovery and integration of companies, products and services," said Tom Glover, UDDI general program manager. "UDDI v2 beta enables developers to explore the possibilities of building Web services registries -- both within and across enterprises."

Other improvements of v2 include:

  • Improved programmatic access to UDDI data: better UDDI v2 programmer interfaces, which enable developers to use more sophisticated and complex queries in accessing data in UDDI registries. This feature is geared to help users find Web services by facilitating easier and more efficient access to UDDI registries
  • Stronger business relationship modeling: Capability allows the modeling of large businesses within UDDI. Modeling business relationships also provides the opportunity for a variety of business relationships -- such as certifications, alliances and memberships -- to be made available to customers and business partners
  • Enhanced availability of UDDI information to user: With the addition of HP and SAP, there are now four browser-accessible points to find and manage UDDI information. IBM and Microsoft have also enhanced their implementations of the UDDI Business Registry and incorporated new UDDI v2 features into the browser interface.

UDDI Business Registry v2 beta implementations can be found at the respective Web pages: HP, IBM, Microsoft and SAP.