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Personal Data Stripped from Playboy.com

A group of hackers calling themselves "ingreslock 1524," busted into New York-based Playboy.com and e-mailed customers their names, credit card numbers and expiration dates last weekend.

Word of the intrusions came from an e-mail message from the hacking group that was circulated to a few media organizations, including News.com and CNNfn.com.

The group allegedly threatened to use the information so that it would result in "over 10 million dollars worth of fraud claims" made to credit card and insurance companies and somewhat softened its stance later in the e-mail by claiming, like so many other hackers do, that it was just a test. In fact, Ingreslock 1524 vowed to test Playboy.com again.

According to CNNfn.com, Playboy.com sent notices to vulnerable customers alerting them to the possibility that their credit cards may have been used to make unauthorized purchases.

Playboy.com, which has firewall protection, said it hired intrusion detection agency Kroll Inc. to look into the matter. Playboy.com is also conducting its own investigation and is trying to figure out exactly how many customers may have been left vulnerable by the intrusion.

Playboy.com, which detected the breach before concerned customers contacted it Sunday evening, does not know of any unauthorized charges made by the group at this time.