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Motorola And Nokia Select Macromedia Flash Player

Motorola will use the Macromedia Flash Player as a core component for its EVr-8401 Enhanced TV Viewer - a touch-screen, hand-held device that offers interactive television viewers a second screen for accessing Internet content relating to the TV programming they are watching.

By incorporating the Flash Player, the device will enable users to interact with TV programming as they browse the Web, order goods, check the weather or sports stats, play real-time games with TV game shows, or perform other Web-based activities.

Nokia, on the other hand, will integrate Macromedia Flash Player into its Nokia Mediaterminal, an infotainment device that seamlessly combines digital video broadcast (DVB), full Internet access, personal video recorder (PVR) technology and gaming into a home entertainment platform and is based on open source technologies such as Linux. It is one of Nokia's first digital convergence products for the home.

The Nokia Mediaterminal is currently available in Sweden. Hopefully, it will find its way into the Asian market soon.