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Open Source Subversion 1.8 Version Control System Debuts

The Apache Subversion (SVN) open source version control system is out with its 1.8 release this week. The new release follows the prior SVN 1.7 release by some 20 months and introduces a host of new features for developers.

One of the area where robustness has been improved is in the storage of metadata. SVN now tracks the moves of working copy items. Greg Stein, VP of the Apache Subversion Project noted that the harder part is getting the rest of the system to recognize the moves, and that work is ongoing. He explained that from a historical perspective, SVN didn't "move" items per se. Instead, the item was copied to its new location, and deleted from the old.

"This is problematic (for example) because if an edit comes in from the server for that deleted item, then we don't know what to do with it," Stein said. "For a moved item, then we know the edit should probably be applied to wherever the thing was moved."


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