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Intermallamerica.com Plans International Marketplace

Houston-based Intermallamerica.com said it is creating an online International Marketplace to be integrated with its current online mall, The Great InterMall of the Americas.

The International Marketplace will be devoted exclusively to international merchants exporting products to the United States and will provide U.S. consumers the opportunity to purchase European products directly from European companies.

The company said its executives have met with representatives of 18 European companies, representing business interests in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Spain and Finland.

"A sufficient number of understandings and agreements were reached between Intermallamerica.com and our European friends to begin development and implementation of the International Marketplace," said Cheryl D. Austin, president of Intermallamerica.com. "Further, we are in preliminary negotiations to joint-venture in the creation of wholly national Internet malls in several European countries," she added.

The Texas Department of Economic Development partnered with the Association of European Chambers of Commerce & Industry (Eurochambers) to organize the business-to-business meetings in Dallas.

The Intermallamerica.com site currently consists of more than 130 U.S.-based merchants. The grand opening of the International Marketplace is planned for the third quarter of this year.