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Vignette Unleashes V/Series E-Business Platform

V/5 eBusiness Platform made its debut this week as Vignette Corp.'s largest product release in the company's history.

In a bid to outpace rival BroadVision Inc., the Vignette (VIGN) cornerstone application is designed to replace its main software program that helps businesses manage relationships with Internet customers.

Vignette's new software allows companies to market to their customers through Internet-connected cell phones, pagers and e-mail. It's a feature that neither Vignette's StoryServer or BroadVision's (BVSN) software provided with their first generation applications.

Bill Daniel, Vignette senior vice president of products, said prior to developing the new e-business infrastructure, marketers were forced to piece together differed software solutions to develop an online marketing strategy.

"The V/5 eBusiness Platform has now unified the key capabilities e-businesses need to enable their online strategies," Daniel said. "We have enabled a new economy of packaged applications around Vignette's platform that will ultimately serve customers with a set of new 'configure and go' application modules for rapidly building and reconfiguring their e-businesses."

The Vignette infrastructure is capable of providing scalable and personalized content delivery to an ever-expanding mobile audience via e-mail, pagers, and other portable data and wireless appliances.

The program has already been put to work at BT in the U.K. Richard Schwartz, Vignette senior vice president of technology, said one of the most popular applications notifies users when a television show is going to be aired, and whether it's a rerun or new episode.

"One of the most successful programs BT offers through Vignette is a notice to users that their favorite television program is going to be aired," Schwartz said. "It may seem odd that a notice sent to a wireless device can drive a person out of the pub and home to watch a TV show, but it's the most used Vignette service among several options at BT."

Schwartz said that's what the new application is all about, making the most of personal time, a precious commodity in the Digital Age. It doesn't matter if it's a notice that your flight has been cancelled accompanied by revised travel arrangements, or the latest financial news.

"No matter where a person lives, time is money," Schwatrz said. "People can't put a price on their free time, it's a precious commodity."

Vignette powers more than 500 of the leading dot.com and Fortune 500 e-businesses, including AT&T Corp. (T), Sprint (FON), and United Airlines (UAL).

Although Europe, Asia and Japan are about 12 to 15-months ahead of U.S. demand for services like Vignette's V/5 eBusiness Platform, Schwartz said that America will catch-up soon.

"Sprint and AT&T Corp. just rolled out U.S. services this year," Schwartz said. "Digital cellular services are already Web-enabled on most new cellular phones, but next year all cellular phones will come with the ability to connect to the wireless Web."

"By 2003 there will be more Internet-enables phones than desktop browsers," Schwartz continued. "By the end of 2004 it's estimated that 20 percent of global e-commerce transactions will take place over a wireless devices. Business