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Keynote Systems Launches E-Commerce Measurement Service

San Mateo, CA-based Keynote Systems launched its Keynote Perspective Transaction service that measures the performance and availability of e-commerce Web sites in executing multi-page interactive transactions such as stock trading or online shopping.

The new subscription service complements Keynote's existing Benchmark Page, Full Page Component and Secure Page services to provide e-commerce companies a complete picture of their customers' experience and data to pinpoint and solve service problems.

The new Transaction service is designed to measure, assure and improve the quality of service at Web sites that may perform differently over time, user geography and Internet backbone when processing interactive multi-page transactions than when delivering individual standard Web pages.

The Keynote Perspective Transaction service employs a browser-based recorder that is used to record and play back a transaction sequence at a desktop PC without requiring any complicated scripting language or technical expertise.

The recorder captures the exact sequence of Web pages, form fields and hyperlinks that an online user navigates in performing an interactive transaction.

Prices begin at $995 per month for hourly measurements for a five-page transaction from each of the top 10 U.S. metro areas, with each additional transaction page priced at $195 per month.