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Spam Recycling Center Launched

ChooseYourMail.com, SAFEeps, the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email (CAUCE) and the Forum for Responsible Ethical Email (F.R.E.E.) launched a joint project enabling consumers to recycle their "spam" e-mail into money-saving offers from online retail sponsors.

The anti-spam advocates and companies said they have joined forces behind the Spam Recycling Center (SRC) in an effort to fight spam, raise public awareness and promote responsible e-mail marketing practices.

Internet users may forward their unsolicited commercial e-mail to the SRC, where it will be cataloged and forwarded to the Federal Trade Commission and shared with filtering organizations for use in the development of better anti-spam software.

After going to the Spam Recycling Center, Netizens are given instructions on how to forward their spam and, if they choose, get the featured special offer from a retail sponsor. The first retail sponsor is CDnow, which is offering $5 off a new CD to participants. Users also get the opportunity to sign a petition asking Congress to restrict spam as well as read summaries of the current anti-spam legislation pending on Capitol Hill and in state legislatures.

"It is clear that spam has hindered the growth of electronic commerce, but just saying 'spam is bad' isn't enough. We have to mobilize the public and provide alternatives to the Internet retail community," said Ian Oxman, president of ChooseYourMail.com.

While in the Spam Recycling Center, Internet users are also given the opportunity to have their e-mail address included in the SAFEeps "opt-out" database. The SAFEeps system from Phoenix, AZ-based American Computer Group [ACG] allows e-mail marketers to purge their lists of individuals or organizations that do not wish to receive unsolicited commercial e- mail.