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GetMedia, Ticketmaster Launch E-App for Radio Station Sites

San Jose, CA-based GetMedia Inc. announced a deal with Ticketmaster Online-CitySearch for its new radio station e-commerce technology.

GetMedia's technology works within a radio station's Web site to display song titles as they are being played in real time, allowing listeners to click on a title to buy a CD.

GetMedia's technology will be offered to major market radio stations associated with Ticketmaster Online-CitySearch.

"Our technology will change how people buy and respond to music, enabling radio audiences to buy albums instantly at a very competitive price," said Robert Goldman, founder, chairman and CEO of GetMedia. "At the same time, 'real-time buying' helps radio stations use their Web sites to build communities as well as open new revenue streams."

Ticketmaster Online-CitySearch will offer GetMedia's e-commerce technology to partner radio stations.

"We look at technology such as GetMedia's real-time play list as an innovative approach to e-commerce for our radio station partners, with a revenue upside and no cost downside," said David Hagan, chief operating officer for Ticketmaster Online-CitySearch. "This is not only a convenience for radio listeners and a step forward for radio stations, but for e-commerce in general."

The radio station premiering GetMedia technology is KLLC-FM in San Francisco, known as Alice @ 97.3, part of Infinity Broadcasting Corp. The station, which has a strong following of 25-34 year olds interested in contemporary music, will be offering the new music feature from its Web site.

GetMedia technology allows listeners to visit a radio station's Web site to check out an album cover and audio clip as a song is being played. Typically, many listeners cannot identify the name of a group, song title, or CD. With GetMedia technology, listeners do not need to know these details to immediately purchase the CD playing on the radio. While visiting the site, they can also browse the playlist to purchase any music broadcast within the last 60 minutes.

GetMedia registers all purchasers, so they need not re-enter their personal information during a repeat visit. Listeners can also keep their electronic shopping carts open for 24 hours, make multiple selections, and then have the full order shipped, while paying only one shipping and handling cost.

GetMedia handles all installation, orders, customer service, and fulfillment on behalf of the radio station. The radio station receives a percentage of revenue from CD sales within its site.