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Biztravel.com Launches Fully Automatic Ticketing

New York City-based Biztravel.com said it has begun offering a new feature to reduce ticketing errors by writing tickets immediately upon purchase.

Instead of performing QA (Quality Assurance) processing and writing tickets in batches--often hours after a traveler assumes they have been purchased--Biztravel.com said it is now able to write tickets immediately.

By eliminating delays in processing and writing tickets, Biztravel.com said it guarantees with greater certainty than ever before that a passenger obtains the ticket price quoted at the time of purchase. Over 70 percent of Biztravel.com's orders are quality assurance checked and ticketed immediately.

"Automatic ticketing provides a new level of security to weary road warriors that tickets requested become tickets in hand," said George Roukas, vice president of product management and customer service.

The automatic ticketing system performs error checks as the passenger is entering the information.

Biztravel.com maintains detailed travel profiles about each of its members and automatically recommends travel itineraries to match stated preferences, such as lowest price, closest to desired schedule, preferred carrier and the desire to maximize frequent flyer miles.