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InfoSpace.com Plans New Merchandising Solution

InfoSpace.com plans to launch ActivePromotion, an integrated private label merchandising solution.

The solution is designed to provide local merchants and e-retailers the ability to customize, promote and cross-sell an item through InfoSpace.com's shopping, classifieds, auctions, and yellow pages distribution channels, the company said.

ActivePromotion also will provide sales feeds to ActiveShopper, the company's next generation shopping solution that is expected to launch later this month.

With ActivePromotion, local merchants and e-retailers will be able to create targeted promotions and distribute them across InfoSpace.com's affiliate network of more than 1,500 Web sites and Internet appliances, reaching 84.5 percent of all Internet users, according to the company.

The merchandising tools will make it possible to bring sales offers and impulse buy items directly to the user, rather than making the user find them. For example, if a user is searching for toys in InfoSpace.com's shopping solution, auction solution, classifieds solution or looking for a toy store in the yellow pages, the cross-promotional merchandising tool could notify the user of a limited special offer on Star Wars action figures.

"We believe we will be the first company to offer an integrated private label merchandising solution that will help define the next generation of merchandising on the Internet by offering more merchandising options than traditional advertising and bringing buyers and sellers closer together," said Naveen Jain, chairman and CEO of InfoSpace.com.