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Wireless Dimension Changes Name to Point.com

Seattle-based Wireless Dimension, a Web retailer of wireless phones, service plans and accessories and parent company Nth Dimension Corp., changed their product and corporate identities to Point.com and Point.com Inc., respectively.

"The Point.com brand name better communicates our core consumer benefit of helping consumers quickly and easily 'get to the point' of a smart wireless purchase," said Court Lorenzini, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Point.com Inc.

Point.com can allows consumers to compare side by side virtually every available wireless phone and service plan in their area, identify what meets their needs and buy online.

Point.com also announced a joint e-commerce venture with supply retailer Staples Inc. whereby Point.com will manage the co-branded wireless telecommunications store within Staples.com.

Point.com also announced third-round equity financing of approximately $14 million, including a $3.5 million investment from Staples, which brings Point.com's total funds raised to nearly $18 million. Other investors in this round are Columbia Capital Equity Partners II, Cedar Grove Partners, Oak Investment Partners, IDG Ventures and Kirlan Venture Capital.