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Report Projects 1999 E-Commerce Revenues at $95 Billion

A new industry report projects that global e-commerce revenues will reach $95 billion in 1999, and will exceed $1.3 trillion by 2003.

The numbers are from Peterborough, NH-based ActivMedia Research's sixth annual "Real Numbers behind Net Profits" study. Revenue growth rates of 150 percent -- up from 72 percent -- are forecast for 1999 and 138 percent for 2000 as online buyers rely on the Internet for a wider range of goods and services, the report said.

"Expanding cross-language capabilities create increasingly permeable global boundaries. Speedy digital information flow facilitates free trade and business worldwide. Political improvements coupled with faster, more efficient cross-cultural communications are fueling global e-commerce," said ActivMedia's vice president of market research Harry Wolhandler.

The report also says:

  • 72 percent of Web sites are still based in the U.S.
  • 92 percent of e-commerce is generated through U/S.-based Web sites.
  • Exports are becoming increasingly critical to U.S. e-commerce growth.
  • 9 in 10 revenue dollars are product and service sales, not ads.

The 6th wave update, "Real Numbers Behind 'Net Profits 1999" study, is available for $2,995. It contains 175+ detailed tabulations each shown for 125 subgroups in the 193 page report.

The company said the study is written based upon an n-th random sample drawn from 550,000 English-language publicly listed URLs. More than 890 respondents took part in the survey.