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Relativity Technologies Releases E-Legacy Solution

Cary, NC-based Relativity Technologies Inc. a supplier of legacy transformation solutions, released RescueWare 5.0, a legacy to e-business solution.

RescueWare 5.0 meets the needs of traditional corporations that are looking to transform themselves into e-businesses, but are trapped by the complexity and expense of "matching" their new business model with their existing legacy applications, the company said.

RescueWare 5.0 "unlocks the value hidden in legacy COBOL applications" and transfers it to leading e-business platforms, allowing companies to reuse valuable knowledge built up over the years and apply it to their e-business, the company said.

The technology features comprehensive automation of COBOL to Internet transformation, and integrates e-business frameworks such as the Sun-Netscape Alliance Application Server and IIS from Microsoft.

"Traditional companies are seeing the brand equity and value that they've carefully built up over the years destroyed in cyberseconds by the new breed of 'from-the-start' e-businesses," said Vivek Wadhwa, CEO of Relativity Technologies. "RescueWare 5.0 goes far beyond all Web-enabling technologies by actually mining value from existing legacy assets and transforming these into modern Web architectures."

Product features include knowledge mining; component generation that Supplies individual legacy system functionality in the preferred language and component models of choice for coarse or fine-grained integration into an e-business strategy; turn-key architectural e-business models; XML support and mainframe integration. Pricing was not disclosed.