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eBay Bids to Keep Sellers Healthy

Lots of the folks who are doing well on eBay left full-time jobs to make both themselves and the company a success, and now the auction giant has decided to offer a key perk for the self-employed -- health insurance.

Meg Whitman, CEO of San Jose, Calif.-based eBay , told a weekend gathering of eBay sellers in Anaheim that the company will be offering its successful full-time sellers access to health insurance at group rates.

The insurance will be a part of the recently revised PowerSeller program.

"It's the users who have built eBay," Whitman told the crowd. "We try to build a better platform, but it's you who build the business."

eBay has been defining PowerSellers as people who sell $2,000 or more in goods a month on the site. There are at least 35,000 people in that category. And now that threshold is being lowered to $1,000. The health insurance deal reportedly will be with Physicians Mutual.

An eBay spokesman said no further details would be available until September or October.

Another change at eBay is that in late July, sellers will have the ability to list items in a new Fixed Price format.

Since its launch, the Buy It Now feature for auction items has become one of the most popular features on eBay and the company said that many users have expressed an interest in more fixed price trading.

The new Fixed Price format will enable sellers to list an item at a fixed Buy It Now price throughout the duration of the listing until sold. Buyers will not have the option to bid.