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WebTrends Launches E-Business Measurement, Forecasting Solution

WebTrends Corp. this week delivered CommerceTrends, a solution designe to enable organizations to forecast, track and optimize the ROI of Web site investments and marketing campaigns by quantifying visitor value.

WebTrends is a provider of enterprise management, analysis and reporting for Internet-based systems.

Using CommerceTrends, Web site operators can forecast revenue from visitors by product or product category, and calculate the ROI on e-marketing campaigns, such as banner advertising, the company said.

Sample reports are available here.

"Today's effective e-business managers need to know more than just how many visitors are coming to their site, they need to know how much revenue these visitors will drive," said Eli Shapira, CEO of WebTrends. "CommerceTrends was developed to provide companies with the data required to make critical business decisions on how to optimize their ROI on Internet-based systems."

In addition to distributing CommerceTrends through WebTrends' corporate direct sales force and network of VARs, WebTrends said it ill be partnering with system integrators such as IBM Global Services and USWeb/CKS.

Working on top of the WebTrends Enterprise Suite Web Server analysis profile, CommerceTrends correlates an organization's site traffic data with information that the business provides about its e-marketing campaigns and products to create reports that can be used to forecast ROI and revenue.

Companies assign monetary values, or measures of future revenue, to visitor traffic activity by product or product category. This gives an organization the ability to differentiate between visitors who just casually surf the site and those that are really interested in purchasing a product or service.

Introductory CommerceTrends Starter Pack pricing is $15,000 to manage five products and five concurrent marketing campaigns.