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Dollardays.com Pitching Wholesale Goods to Small Businesses

Dollardays.com has launched with the intention of offering wholesale retail goods to independent retailers, flea market vendors, home-based businesses and small businesses.

The site offers free membership and claims to stock more than 100,000 products.

Dollardays.com said it offers an independent retailer the ability to not only order as little as one case of a product on a discounted basis but also to be involved in a buying group, offering increased purchasing power.

The company said it has items for businesses including Pet stores, variety stores, toy stores, drug stores, general merchandise stores and more. For those retailers participating, various benefits such as inventory financing will be offered from time to time. Products are shipped from multiple shipping points.

"Independent retail operations just do not have the buying power to compete with major chains," said president Ron Friedman. "Dollardays.com provides this buying power."