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DotBroker.com Launches as Domain Auction Site

DotBroker.com launched as an Internet domain name auction house and said "Websites.com" and "Drugs.com" will be going to the block soon.

The company said that the site opened Monday and within 48 hours, private sellers had posted more than 500 names.

A $5 fee is collected to encourage serious traders. When a name is posted, a minimal charge ranging from $1 to $3 will be collected. Five to 10 percent of the sale is collected upon the sale of a name. For this, DotBroker said it will assist in escrow services, InterNIC modifications and sale arrangements.

Websites.com and Drugs.com are set to open bidding at $100,000 each. Websites.com is said to have a reserve price nearing the $1 million mark, with Drugs.com's reserve rumored to be much lower. The names are expected to sell well beyond their marks, the company said.

"Websites.com and Drugs.com are both high-profile, with immediate name recognition," said Eric MacIver, president of DotBroker LLC. "Any start-up company would benefit highly from the acquisition of either of them. Those names could create an entire identity for a young company."

DotBroker is a project designed, developed and managed by Sandline Productions.