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RealOne For Mac OS X Revamped

Seattle-based streaming media powerhouse RealNetworks on Tuesday rolled out its second beta release of its flagship RealOne Player for users of the Mac OS X.

The move, which puts the RealOne media player before millions of users of the new operating system from Apple , means Real can now hawk its paid subscription offerings directly to Mac users.

The upgraded RealOne for Mac OS X player has been fitted with new features, including support for the premium content SuperPass service, which provides access to digital programming from third-party sources.

The newer release also includes a revamped user interface, like a pop-down that directly links to RealOne Home and one-click access to topic-based programming. It also includes a search index and a new "Favorites" menu that allows users to save frequently-used files.

The free player, which is available immediately, also gives Mac OS X users access to 1,700 radio feeds, RealNetworks said.

RealNetworks first put the RealOne player on Mac systems at the summer Macworld Expo and, since then, the software has been downloaded 800,000 times.

The company also announced its RealOne Player v2.0 and RealOne Player Plus, which both run on the new Helix platform, is now available is several foreign languages.

Nothing that more than 50 percent of its users reside outside North America, RealNetworks said the player was now available on Windows platforms to French, German, Japanese, and Spanish-language speakers.

It said Italian, Korean and Portuguese players will be available later this month.

Real's media player, which competes directly with Microsoft's Windows Media Player (WMP) and Apples QuickTime, allows playback of competing media types, including Windows Media and MPEG 4.