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GetMedia Partners with WebRadio.com

GetMedia Inc. established a strategic partnership with WebRadio.com that will enable radio stations to broadcast and sell music simultaneously over the Internet.

GetMedia's technology, which works within a radio station's Web home page, displays song titles in real-time as the station plays them and lets listeners simply click on a title to buy a CD. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

GetMedia said it will integrate its technology into WebRadio.com's Java-based streaming audio player and offer its e-commerce solution to WebRadio.com's more than 90 radio station affiliates.

Listeners will be able hear their favorite radio station broadcast over the Internet, see "What's Playing Now" information and buy the CD they're listening to, all without leaving the radio station's Web site.

"The two technologies really complement each other," said Robert Goldman, founder, chairman and CEO of GetMedia. "Without any additional up-front investment, WebRadio.com's radio station affiliates will be able to create an integrated online broadcast and e-commerce presence that will generate a new revenue stream of music sales, promote the radio station and build a solid Web community."

Greg Verdino, vice president and general manager of Internet Information Services at Arbitron NewMedia, said the company expects that 25 percent of the U.S. population will listen to Internet radio by the year 2000.

In addition to teaming with WebRadio.com, GetMedia has signed a deal with Ticketmaster Online-CitySearch to provide GetMedia technology to its radio station partners.

GetMedia's technology is a Java-based application that easily embeds in a radio station's Web homepage. GetMedia handles all installation, orders, customer service and fulfillment on behalf of the radio station. The radio station receives a percentage of revenue from CD sales within its site.

WebRadio.com is owned by Israel-based GEO Interactive Media Group Ltd. Using its patented Emblaze technology, GEO Interactive provides business solutions for delivering multimedia content over the Internet.