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iCanBuy.com Signs E-Commerce Pacts with Sites for Youngsters

iCanBuy.com signed agreements to provide e-commerce services to three sites oriented toward kids and teens: Headbone.com, Teens.Coolshopping.com and Teen.com.

"Before iCanBuy.com, the Internet was like getting dropped off at the mall without any cash," said R. Paul Herman, CEO and co-founder of iCanBuy.com. "We're thrilled to enable teens and kids to access safe, online shopping through their favorite sites."

Children and teens can open accounts at iCanBuy.com, where they can shop, bank, donate to charity and build a WishList -- all with parental supervision.

"Two of Headbone's core goals have always been to empower and teach kids. Our partnership with iCanBuy.com empowers our members to develop fiscal responsibility, with their parents' guidance," said Joe Taritero, CEO of Headbone Interactive. "Now Headbone kids have the freedom and power to shop for cool stuff, save for the future, and give to charity while they're online." Financial terms of the agreements were not disclosed.

"Our partnership with iCanBuy has created an industry unique e-commerce model that is a natural intersection of Teens.Coolshopping.com's content and community, and iCanBuy's commerce engine," said Amy Strycula, CEO of Coolshopping.com. "We want our teen community to shop online in a responsible way, and iCanBuy makes it happen for us," said Gene Bellotti of Teen.com. "Parents won't have to drive their teen to the mall tonight for that 'must have' item, because of the iCanBuy service on teen.com."

iCanBuy.com enables young people to shop at certain Internet retailers, bank at Security First Network Bank and donate online, with a parental approval system. iCanBuy.com has a TRUSTe "Kids Under 13" certification and uses VeriSign digital certificate technology.

Merchant partners include eToys, AlloyOnline, Outpost.com, Whutever.com by Fingerhut Companies Inc., and Security First Network Bank.