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Dell Opens Auction Site

Computer retailer Dell Computer Corp. Monday entered another facet of the online retail arena by opening an auction site, DellAuction.com.

The site was set up for registered users to sell their old computer systems, bid for used or refurbished Dell systems and buy a variety of computer-related products, the company said.

The site features six categories: systems, accessories, peripherals, software, used items by Dell and refurbished items by Dell. The company also provides customized information, privacy guarantees, and an escrow service where funds for transactions are held until the buyer indicates satisfaction with the merchandise.

"Dell is making it easier to sell old systems at a fair market price and making it simple to bid for new or replacement systems of all kinds," said Richard Owen, vice president of Dell Online. "Auctions are just one more way Dell is becoming a single-stop source for computer buyers."

Monday's news from Dell is designed to more effectively compete with Gateway, its main competitor in the direct computer retail market.