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New Shopping Portal Offers Rebates Up to 25 Percent

ebates.com has launched as a shopping portal that offers consumers cash rebates of up to 25 percent on their purchases.

The company says shoppers can receive rebates on purchases from well-known sites such as Amazon.com, CDnow, Reel.com, Dell Computer, Beyond.com and eToys.

ebates.com takes advantage of e-commerce affiliate programs to earn cash rebates, which are sent to consumers on a quarterly basis. Because ebates.com is supported by advertising and sponsorships, every cent of every rebate is passed through to its members, the company said.

ebates.com was founded by Internet entrepreneurs Paul Wasserman, Alessandro Isolani and John Nirenstein. ebates.com generates revenue through the sale of ads that are displayed in a small window at the top of ebates.com pages. The company collects demographic information to better target its ads.

"The 'free' trend is hot on the Internet right now, but this is even better than free," said Wasserman, ebates.com president and chief operating officer. "We're literally paying people to shop. For our members, ebates.com is like the DiscoverCard of the Web. The benefits go beyond the consumer, however. Our advertisers gain access to Internet shoppers with credit cards at the ready, and our participating merchants can lower their customer acquisition costs substantially."

To earn rebates, members must access participating merchants through ebates.com and use their ebates.com e-mail address when making purchases. ebates.com also offers its members a valuable referral program, through which members can receive additional rebates for getting other consumers to join and use ebates.com.

The site was developed in conjunction with Roundpeg and designed by Think New Ideas, both of San Francisco.