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Paytrust Plans National Bill Processing Centers

Paytrust, a new Web-based service providing consumers with one-stop bill delivery, payment and management, said it plans to open two additional national bill processing centers "in response to explosive consumer demand."

The new centers, located in Chicago and San Francisco, will be opened during the third quarter. Costs were not disclosed.

In the last three weeks, the Paytrust said its site has seen a five-fold increase in traffic and a ten-fold increase in sign-up rate, indicating strong consumer demand for its online bill delivery and payment service. The new processing centers will allow Paytrust to optimize the conversion of large volumes of consumers' bills by processing them closer to their point of origin, speeding delivery for the consumer.

"We're committed to impeccable customer service and are opening these processing centers to maintain same-day delivery of scanned bills as we grow," said Edward G. McLaughlin, co-founder and CEO of Secure Commerce Services, the company behind the Paytrust service.

Paytrust works with any biller and any bank to deliver 100 percent of a consumer's bills to a single, secure Web site. The service directs payments to billers from consumers' pre-existing checking accounts. Following a free trial period, subscribers pay $7.95 for up to 25 transactions.

Consumers tell Paytrust the bills they want to receive online and provide the bank account from which they want payments made. Like a personal assistant, Paytrust handles all the work and contacts billers to have them send billing information (electronic or paper bills) to the Paytrust processing center. Customers then have quick and easy access via the Web to view and pay bills anytime, anywhere.

The Paytrust Bill Center notifies subscribers via e-mail when a bill has arrived, and provides access to the secure, password-protected, Paytrust site where they can see an exact replica of their paper bill containing the same detailed billing information. Subscribers can choose to pay the bill then or review it later, and receive email reminders whenever bills are soon due.

They can also designate any bill for automatic payment based on specific criteria. Paytrust bill data integrates with financial management software such as Quicken and MS Money, allowing consumers to merge bill payment records with the rest of their financial information.