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GetMedia and OpenSpace.com Partner

GetMedia Inc. formed a partnership with OpenSpace.com that will enable the latter's radio station affiliates to add impulse-driven music sales to their sites.

OpenSpace.com said it will provide GetMedia's technology to its current and future radio station affiliate sites. GetMedia's technology will work within these sites, displaying song title, artist name and album name in real-time as the station plays them. Listeners can buy the music at any time.

The first of OpenSpace.com's radio station affiliates to take advantage of this partnership is KISS 104.7 in Atlanta, which will be launching GetMedia's e-commerce technology in August. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

"Radio stations moving onto the Web want an e-commerce strategy that ties directly into their on-air broadcasts," said Robert Goldman, founder, chairman and CEO of GetMedia. "GetMedia provides OpenSpace.com's affiliates with an e-commerce system that links the station with its online presence, steering listeners to the site and generating revenue through listen-buy music sales."

GetMedia's technology is a Java-based application that embeds in a radio station's Web homepage. GetMedia handles all installation, orders, customer service and fulfillment on behalf of the radio station. The radio station receives a percentage of revenue from CD sales at its site.

GetMedia said it will also include advertising in future offerings. It also plans to offer a 1-800 phone number so that consumers can buy music from any touch-tone phone.