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ezlogin.com Inks Deal to Offer VeriSign IDs

ezlogin.com, a provider of free "Internet JumpPages", signed a deal to offer its first 10,000 members a free VeriSign digital ID to secure access to personalized Web services from its Web site.

JumpPages enable online users to access, manage, and share personal Web services and bookmarks from anywhere with maximum ease, security and privacy. The arrangement with VeriSign gives Web users a combination of security and convenience for accessing personalized services such as online financial accounts and retail sites.

Financial arrangements with VeriSign were not disclosed.

ezlogin.com's JumpPage service confirms a user's identity through a VeriSign digital ID and then allows him or her to access any personalized service with a single click. By eliminating the need to remember individual login names and passwords, ezlogin.com makes it possible for users to select multiple long and cryptic passwords when registering to Web services.

"Security on the Web is a major issue for a majority of Internet users," said Jean-Noel Lebrun, president and CEO of ezlogin.com. "Our partnership with VeriSign increases the overall level of security for accessing any online personalized service."

Ensuring maximum security is a major focus for ezlogin.com. All personal data that users submit to, or receive from ezlogin.com are encrypted using industry-standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) digital certificates from VeriSign and are stored securely on ezlogin.com's servers. SSL creates a protected connection between users and ezlogin.com's servers.

ezlogin.com's JumpPage service includes:

  • OneClick Login to instantly access personal accounts and bookmarks from any computer.
  • OneClick Registration to automatically register to new services with a choice of profiles.
  • SpamBlocking to allow users to discontinue junk mail instantly and selectively.
  • OneClick Sharing to share personal sites without disclosing passwords.
  • SurfRooms to surf the Web together with friends at different locations.