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New Service Will E-Gripe for You

A new Web service site called egripes.com has launched with the aim of helping consumers who feel they have been ripped off.

Services are being marketed to those "who don't want a lawyer but still want fairness," the company said.

"People are tired of having to pay for some company's mistake with their time, money, or acceptance of a substandard product or service," said CEO Geoffrey R. Boka. "We fight hard to give our clients what they deserve from these companies."

The company handles the tasks of writing letters, making phone calls, waiting on hold, or punching through those seemingly endless phone menus.

By using a systematic conflict resolution program, the company said it has found that most problems can be resolved to the customer's satisfaction in a reasonable period of time. The site can handle problems with a variety of companies, including car dealerships, utilities, home repair companies, airlines and insurance companies.