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BigHub.com Launches Comparative Shopping Service

TheBigHub.com, which combines a search engine with a network of "Big" companies, launched TheBigCompare.com, an online comparative shopping service that allows consumers to select products that they want to buy at prices they are willing to pay.

TheBigCompare.com offers a specialized search engine that continuously searches online shopping sites to provide users with price and product comparisons from hundreds of online retailers, auctions and classified advertisements.

If a match is not automatically found or if the shopper wants to wait for a better offer, TheBigCompare.com, can track requests over time, and automatically send the shopper a real-time "BigDeal Alert" when additional offers are found that match the product selections and price specifications.

"TheBigCompare.com has been designed with the shopper in mind," said Pat DeMicco, president and chief executive officer of TheBigHub.com. "It asks three simple questions: What do you want to buy? How much are you willing to spend? How would you like to be notified when we have located your product? It's that easy."

TheBigHub.com is the gateway to a network of branded, affiliate sites designed to leverage the traffic and capabilities of its iSleuth meta-search engine. Upcoming network affiliates include TheBigPets.com, TheBigTravel.com, TheBigRx.com, TheBigToys.com, TheBigBiz.com, TheBigAuction.com and TheBigTown.com.