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eTour.com Signs Sponsorship Deal with Xoom.Com

eTour.com, a Web service that automatically connects consumers with Web sites that match their individual interests, signed a sponsor deal with direct marketing e-commerce company XOOM.com Inc.

Plans call for eTour to develop a co-branded version of its service for XOOM.com's visitors and its more than 9.4 million members, allowing them to find Web sites that are matched to their individual interests.

XOOM.com will place a link to a co-branded version of eTour on XOOM.com's home page and will also promote the service throughout other areas on its site. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

"This deal allows us to provide our members with yet another great free service," said Jody Sherman, vice president of business development for XOOM.com. "eTour is known for its user-friendly, entertaining, private and rewarding service, qualities that are also important to XOOM.com."

eTour allows users to provide information about their hobbies and interests, such as music, health and news, and then delivers a different Web site matched to these interests each time the member logs onto the Web. eTour has about 300,000 members

XOOM.com offers consumers a variety of free services such as e-mail, chat, homepage building, etc and markets to members based on their interests. It claims more than 9.4 million members. The company, is slated to be merged with several NBC Internet assets and Snap.com Inc. The new company, to be called NBC Internet (NBCi), will use Snap.com as its umbrella consumer brand, integrating broadcast, portal and e-commerce services.