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PrivaSeek Delivers Persona Valet

Consumer "infomediary" PrivaSeek announced the general availability of Persona Valet, a tool that empowers consumers to control and gain added value from their personal information on the Internet.

The tool is also aimed at reducing spam and is free for the download. The company defines infomediary as a "trusted third party who is working on the behalf of both the consumer and the businesses to bring together both parties in a state where permission has been granted for offers and information to be exchanged."

"The Persona Valet gives all of us as consumers control over our personal information and it makes it possible for businesses to provide us with information and offers that are relevant to our wants and needs when and where we want it," said Larry Lozon, CEO of PrivaSeek.

The Persona Valet provides consumers with an "identity manager," acting as a go-between for the consumer and marketer, the company said. PrivaSeek works with businesses to negotiate discounts for consumers who allow their personal information to be accessed. Persona Valet also offers single sign-in and registration capabilities.

PrivaSeek said it offers businesses the opportunity to reach a highly targeted and receptive consumer audience with "just-in-time" marketing techniques.