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eCongo.com Launches Free E-Commerce Service

Managed e-commerce service company eCongo.com Inc. launched a free e-commerce service that "integrates the multiple components necessary for successfully conducting business online."

eCongo.com said it offers a complete solution that includes easy-to-use Web store creation and administration, advertising and marketing services, customer service, fulfillment management tools, and multiple payment methods -- all integrated into a single, free service.

The service also includes membership in a network where eCongo.com merchants can trade advertising, share ideas, and network with other Web business owners.

eCongo.com will also offer its e-commerce solution to Internet Service Providers, portals and other businesses with aggregated members as an OEM service that can be co-branded or privately labeled.

"Today the majority of small businesses and entrepreneurs are not conducting business online," said Rick Asturias, CEO and co-founder of eCongo.com. "The reason is simple -- current e-commerce solutions are costly, complicated and risky. We've integrated all the tools and services necessary for conducting business online, and removed all barriers to entry by offering a complete service for free."

For businesses that do not have existing merchant accounts and want to accept credit cards, eCongo.com has partnered with Cardservice International. eCongo.com has also partnered with Cybergold to offer a flexible micro-payments system for eCongo.com merchants.

The eCongo.com service offers multiple integrated payment methods including check, COD, phone ordering, and credit card capture. eCongo.com also offers integrated real-time credit card processing as a premium paid service. The eCongo.com service is in beta; the full service will be available in late September, the company said.