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Intelli-box E-Commerce Auction System Launched

EasyDo.com has launched an e-commerce auction site featuring a patent-pending intelligent mailbox system called Intelli-box that allows a buyer to query multiple purveyors of goods and services.

The company said sellers respond to the buyer with "closed" offers, meaning that the sellers are not aware of each others' offers, but they do know the ranking of their bids. They are all independently trying to offer the lowest price that they can to the buyer. The buyer has the option but no obligation to select any of the sellers' offers at the end of the auction.

EasyDo.com combines a search engine, interactive yellow pages an online store for the advertisers, and web site resident intelligent mail boxes to make the process simple for both buyers and the sellers.

Buyer replies are sorted with the lowest price on top, but also be done in combination of price and other parameters. The service is free to the consumer.

EasyDo.com generates revenue by charging the sellers on a per response basis or subscription basis. Sellers can also opt to buy a yearly subscription for a certain number of responses. EasyDo.com will also sell banner advertising space and insert special offers for sellers.

The sellers & buyers both have an Intelli-box on EasyDo.com so their own e-mail boxes will not be cluttered with e-mail, and their privacy will not be compromised, the company said.