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GetMedia Partners With First Internet Media Corp.

E-commerce services provider GetMedia signed a deal with First Internet Media Corp. (FIMC) to provide GetMedia's technology to FIMC's 160 radio station customers.

Radio stations that incorporate GetMedia's technology into their Web site strategy can sell the music they broadcast and profit directly from impulse-driven music sales at their Web site.

GetMedia, which launched its service last May, said it now has established several partnerships that in total provide its e-commerce technology to more than 400 radio stations nationwide.

FIMC is an Internet hosting and service company for radio stations that specializes in building revenue-generating Web sites through a combination of co-branded content, advertising, and e-commerce solutions. FIMC will offer GetMedia's technology to its radio station customers as they develop and enhance their Internet strategies. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

"We knew that radio stations would want to implement GetMedia's technology, but we're thrilled with the speed with which the industry has recognized its value," said Robert Goldman, founder, Chairman and CEO of GetMedia.

GetMedia's technology works within a radio station's home page, displaying song title, artist name and album name in real-time as the station plays them. Listeners can buy the music at any time.

"We are pleased to offer the GetMedia system within our portfolio of services for radio stations. GetMedia provides a value-added service to radio listeners that other e-commerce music sales services cannot provide," said Chad Meisinger, CEO of FIMC. "Radio stations get an e-commerce strategy that ties directly into their most powerful asset -- their broadcasts."

GetMedia's technology is a Java-based application that easily embeds in a radio station's Web home page. GetMedia handles all installation, orders, customer service, and fulfillment on behalf of the radio station. The radio station receives a percentage of revenue from music sales within its site.