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BuyWiz Launches Universal Shopping Cart

BuyWiz Inc. launched the beta version of a free, PC-based universal online shopping cart that offers built-in comparison shopping, price tracking and one-click buying.

Shoppers can collect items from a variety of online shops, save the items in one shopping cart on a PC, view the cart's contents, whether connected to the Internet or off-line, receive updates on sales or price changes, and purchase any or all of the items at any time with just one click and one central registration form, BuyWiz said.

"With BuyWiz (consumers) have the option of buying on the spot, or considering purchases, perhaps while waiting for a sale or comparing the prices of multiple items, without ever losing any of the items saved in their cart," said Gidon Fostick, co-founder and president of BuyWiz.

Buying decisions can be considered for days or even weeks. For instance, if a shopper places a pair of jeans in her cart, and they go on sale a week later, BuyWiz automatically adjusts the price of the item and lets her know, the company said.