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TWEC.com Signs E-Commerce Pact with Juno

Entertainment products retailer Trans World Entertainment Corp. signed an e-commerce deal with Juno Online Services Inc. to market CDs, videos and more to Juno's members through its e-commerce site, TWEC.com.

The alliance provides TWEC.COM with exclusive rights to sell CDs and tapes over the Juno service, and non-exclusive rights to sell videos, DVDs, electronic games, and related accessories. Financial arrangements were not divulged.

TWEC.com will advertise its entertainment products to users of Juno's Internet services through a coordinated campaign of interstitial, pop-up and banner ads. Additional placements will include sponsor and partner blocks on the home page of Juno's portal site, sponsor blocks in the site's entertainment section and links to TWEC.com content at various other locations.

TWEC.com also will survey the Juno member base to establish consumer preferences and target subscribers with specific offers and promotions that match their listening choices.

"This will offer us a significant new retail channel for our music, video, games and DVD product lines," said Robert J. Higgins, chairman and chief executive officer of Trans World.

Trans World Entertainment and Juno also plan to develop "members only" programs to enhance the affiliate relationship, such as promotions at Trans World Entertainment retail stores, coupon distribution, concert information and special discounts.

Trans World Entertainment operates 969 retail stores in 44 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Mall brands include Record Town, Camelot Music, The Wall, Saturday Matinee and F.Y.E. Free-standing locations include Coconuts Music and Movies, Strawberries Music, Spec's and Planet Music.