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NextCard Launches E-Commerce Ratings

Internet Visa card provider NextCard launched the NextCard eCommerce Index, a list designed "to reflect the success of merchants online."

Compiled from the monthly activity of approximately 100,000 NextCard Internet Visa cardholders, the index is based on the number of actual online purchases, rather than page views or site visits.

The monthly rankings will be published regularly by The Industry Standard and Yahoo! Internet Life and also will be available at NextCard's site.

"With the holiday e-commerce season quickly approaching, the index will also serve as an important barometer of online merchant success," said Dan Springer, chief marketing officer at NextCard.

The index is a monthly listing of the top 25 online merchants and the top 10 movers based on the number of online purchases by approximately 100,000 NextCard Visa customers.

For the July rankings, click here.