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Priceline Enhances Car Service

A day after the company augmented its mortgage services, Priceline.com Inc. Thursday expanded its name-your-price new car shopping service.

Priceline.com (PCLN) already operates its new car buying services in New York and Florida, but Thursday expanded its reach to southern California, Florida, Connecticut, New Jersey and the greater Philadelphia area.

The service is designed to enable consumers to name the exact car or truck model and the price or payments they want. Priceline forwards the purchase offer to dealerships in the areas designated by the customer, and the first dealership to accept the customer's offer gets the sale.

"Based on the enthusiastic consumer response we've received, we're pleased to now offer this exciting service in these new markets," said Maryann Keller, president of priceline.com's automotive services group.

"Priceline.com is the best way to buy a car on or off the Internet, especially for consumers who aren't skilled negotiators or don't want to haggle over their car or truck. With priceline.com, you simply name your price and wait 24 hours while we do the work to find a dealership willing to sell you that car at your price."

In addition to new car services, Priceline.com has made a name for itself by offering name-your-price airline tickets, hotel accommodations and home financing services.