RealTime IT News Launches Affiliate Marketing Program

Entertainment hobbyist site signed partnership deals with RocketCash and LinkShare Corp. designed to increase the site's visibility.'s deal with RocketCash, which enables teens without credit cards to shop on the Internet, will allow to draw teens to the site by offering them the chance to purchase products through their RocketCash accounts.

"Teens represent a huge target for us because they are some of the more aggressive entertainment hobbyists," COO David Reid said. "They make a natural audience for many of the products, including comic books and graphic novels, that we offer on our site."

Through affiliate marketing company LinkShare, will be able to offer specialized fan sites the ability to display customized storefronts and receive a commission for every product they sell.

Financial arrangements were not disclosed. offers original articles and online forums, and sells a range of comic books, games, action figures and other popular entertainment products.

In addition, has partnered with Stan Lee Media to operate the official online storefront at