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SPS Commerce to Automate Vendor Supply Chain for Kmart

Business-to-business e-commerce solutions provider SPS Commerce signed a deal with Kmart Corp. to electronically automate transaction processing throughout the retailer's entire supply chain of 5,500 trading partners.

Kmart is the third largest retailer in the U.S., with more than 2,100 stores nationwide. The value of the contract was not disclosed.

The company said that rapid expansion and high volume sales have created the need for 100 percent electronic transactions with all of its vendor trading partners to save money, improve efficiency and better manage inventory.

Kmart joins Sears Roebuck and Dayton Hudson Target Stores among retailers employing the services of SPS Commerce.

SPS said its Commerce Trading Partner Enablement Program works with each individual vendor's capabilities and resources to achieve compliance with a merchant.

This method allows each vendor the freedom to retain their current business processes, while enabling them to trade electronically via any of the Trading Partner Enablement program's options, including WEB EC, application conversion and manual conversion.

"SPS Commerce has a long history with, and intimate knowledge of the retail industry," said Steve Waldron, president and CEO of SPS Commerce.

"We understand that one of Kmart's strategic advantages is its ability to streamline and better manage its supply chain."