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SpinRecords.com Rolls Out SpinRadio

In a deal that may presage every record label having its own promotional Net "radio station," Solutions Media Inc., equity holders of SpinRecords.com, linked with Internet radio network TuneTo.com.

The deal with TuneTo.com will augment SpinRecords.com's online music label. TuneTo.com will create a custom "Spin Radio" interface to stream music from the SpinRecords.com artist roster. TuneTo.com will allocate 13 unique iHz frequencies to SpinRecords.com, and the SpinRadio channels will be featured prominently as one of the top 10 "networks" on TuneTo.com.

TuneTo.com guarantees that there will never be static or dropout due to network congestion and that the quality of sound will be independent of the listener's connection rate, opening the door for users without high-speed connections to enjoy near CD-quality music. A secure streaming format prevents the music from being pirated by disabling the MP3 file once it is played. Additional features will include channels based on a preference engine database linked to SpinRadio and creation of personalized stations created through a collaborative-filtering approach.

Listeners will have the ability to choose their favorite genre of SpinRecords.com music by selecting one of 13 channels and to create their own personalized SpinRadio channel as well. TuneTo.com will incorporate an integrated customer relations campaign to alert SpinRadio listeners to new music or other special promotions. SpinRadio will display information on the band being played and listeners will be able to buy the song or CD by pressing a button that automatically links them to the corresponding page on the SpinRecords.com site.

The deal also calls for revenue sharing on banner advertising sales, cross-marketing and banner presence on both sites, event co-sponsorships and other related promotional opportunities. No financial terms were disclosed.

SpinRadio from SpinRecords.com is set to launch Sept. 24 on TuneTo.com.