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Solutions Media Tunes to SpinRadio

Solutions Media Tuesday announced a partnership with, an online radio network set for an October launch. will provide the technology that allows to create a new Web site set to launch Sept. 24. will establish 13 channels with unique iHz frequency. There will be near-CD quality sound on, independent of the listener's connection rate. A high-bandwidth connection is not needed to ensure excellent sound quality, which sets TuneTo's technology apart from that of some other online radio networks. Additionally,'s streaming technology does not suffer from static or drop-outs due to network congestion. will stream its content by genre with one of the channels allotted for talk radio. The partnership with will allow visitors to the site to hear full tracks of artists, and to customize their online channels and create multiple presets. Channels will be personalized based on a preference engine database to which SpinRadio will be linked.

The partnership will provide additional opportunities for artists on to be heard, via both SpinRadio and radio. can now guarantee airplay for their artists since will be responsible for selecting the playlists for its channels. SpinRadio will also feature information on its artists, CD graphics and other pertinent data. is an online record and distribution company charactarized as "a farm label" since it is dedicated to unsigned artists and bands. Music is downloadable on MP3 and other audio formats.

As part of the reciprocal marketing alliance, radio will feature SpinRadio as one of its top 10 featured channels and in its two channel guides, as well as provide a hot link on the player to in order to purchase CDs or to download onto MP3 players. The deal also calls for revenue sharing on banner advertising sales, cross-marketing and banner presence on both sites, event sponsorship partnership and other related promotional opportunities.