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Web Shopping Card for Teens Launched

Cybermoola Inc. launched a new pre-paid card designed to let teens shop and purchase items directly and independently online.

The card combines the features of a pre-paid phone card and the benefits of an online cash account, Cybermoola said.

Current participating e-merchants include teen commerce sites in the areas of entertainment, custom music and apparel such as CelebritySightings.com, EZCD.com, Outletmall.com and SaulGoodman.com.

"Our focus group findings show that teens like Cybermoola because it allows them to shop independently online, just as they do now at the malls," said Eric Freeman, chief executive officer and founder of Cybermoola Inc.

"Cybermoola moves well beyond driving traffic; it delivers actual shoppers to participating e-merchants more directly and efficiently than other marketing vehicles."

As part of the launch, Cybermoola will be giving away 100,000 Cybermoola Internet cash cards worth a total of nearly $2 million in September and October.

These cards will be distributed mainly to teens 13-18 years of age in major markets including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The sampling program will be conducted at a variety of teen-oriented events such as movies, concerts, school assemblies, and through e-mail. Cybermoola accounts can be recharged on the site via check and credit card.

Cards will soon be available for purchase at retail chains, neighborhood markets and other physical points of sale.