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New Micropayment Technology Launching

EHPT, a joint venture of Ericsson and Hewlett-Packard, has launched Jalda, a new Internet micro payment technology.

Jalda is a non-proprietary, secure Internet payment method that enables transactions from stationary PCs, mobile phones or any other communications device with Internet access, turning these devices into portable payment terminals, EHPT said.

The system can work with online gaming, online stores, software providers, IP telephony operators and other providers of products or services via the Internet. EHPT said it aims to make Jalda a de-facto Internet standard.

Jalda works by an account-based system that associates every user with a specific account and enables customers to be charged by whichever parameter the electronic commerce provider desires.

Charges can be incurred according to elapsed time, mouse clicks, searches, levels or other specified parameters and in any amount, from fractions of a cent to large sums.

Jalda, which incorporates digital certificates for authentication using RSA Public Key Infrastructure encryption, allows payments of any size to be made anywhere and at any time -- whether shopping online or in the physical world, the company said.

One of the first content providers to incorporate Jalda is Swedish game developer Daydream Software.