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Food.com Teams with WebTV

Restaurant takeout and delivery service Food.com said it is working closely with WebTV Networks Inc. to enable consumers to order restaurant food directly through their television sets while connected to the Internet.

During a two-month pilot program that will feature commerce-enabled interactive TV ads, Food.com will provide Microsoft WebTV Network service subscribers in Chicago and the San Francisco Bay area with a selection of menus and restaurants from which to order.

Food.com's interactive ads will run through the month of September in Chicago, and through October in San Francisco.

"Just as consumers today reach for the TV Guide to plan their evening entertainment, WebTV viewers can now look to Food.com's site to plan and order meals with just a few 'clicks' of the remote control," said Karen Orton, vice president of business development at Food.com.

To access Food.com's page from the WebTV service, subscribers may click on the 'Let's Eat' banner on its home page, or on spots which appear while they transition between Web domains.

"Our pilot program targets consumers in Chicago and San Francisco where Internet interest is high, great restaurants abound and a growing audience of WebTV viewers are constantly seeking out convenient access to information and entertainment resources," said Joe Poletto, vice president of Network Media Group at WebTV Networks.