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Interactive Forum Mixes Streaming Music and Audio Leaders

Streaming audio issues are revolutionizing the music business, offering dire threats and great opportunities to major labels and independents alike, as well as challenges to producers and engineers already in their own technical revolution.

Audiocafe.com will be hosting Audiocafe at MB-5, an interactive forum discussing controversial issues facing streaming music and the music industry, to be held at the inaugural MusicBiz-2005: Future of Music (MB-5) Conference, Oct. 15-17, at Expression Center for New Media in Emeryville, CA.

Audiocafe at MB-5's cafe-like atmosphere provides a unique forum where leading music and audio industry personalities like Thomas Dolby Robertson, Founder and Chief Beatnik of Beatnik, Inc., and Chuck D, artist and founder of Rapstation.com will participate in town hall-style discussions and encourage conference attendees to join in the debate.

Topics for discussion at Audiocafe at MB-5 include "Minorities in the Music Industry," "The Future of Broadband Sites," "Who's Really Running the Music Industry?" and "Women and the Music Industry."

"Many music leaders have radically opposing views of the future," said Andrew Keen, Founder and CEO of Audiocafe.com. "These debates and discussions will allow attendees to participate in a dialog on important issues affecting us all."

Day passes to MB-5 are available for $295.