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Sento to Establish Independent Customer Care Firm

Sento Corp. filed a proxy statement to seek shareholder approval to form an independent Internet technology company that will pursue development and commercialization of Sento's integrated voice and Internet customer care technology.

Sento said it would contribute its integrated voice and Internet customer care technology and related assets to the new company in exchange for preferential rights to use the technology, 47 percent of the new company's stock and a promissory note in the amount of approximately $900,000.

The new company, ECP.com, intends to enter into a license agreement with Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories Inc. to license the Genesys Internet Suite to help ECP.com manage its Internet and voice interactions capabilities.

ECP.com would commercialize Sento's integrated voice and Internet customer care technology and provide related products in an application service provider environment.

Sento currently uses this technology in its technical support division with more than 300 customer service agents. The integrated voice and Internet customer care technology transferred to ECP.com is expected to be commercialized and ready for general availability in early 2000.

The technology covers telephone and e-mail interactions, Web call back interactions, Web text chat interactions voice-over-IP interactions and browser collaboration interactions.

"This service would provide emerging, high-growth e-commerce companies and e-businesses the ability to deploy a functional eCustomer Contact Center in less time and cost than the traditional build-out approach," said Arthur F. Coombs, Sento chief executive officer.

"The integration of Genesys' Internet-based and traditional voice contact center technology, combined with ECP.com's hosted customer support offering allows small and medium-sized companies to benefit from an advanced, enterprise-class customer contact center solution," said Rick DeGolia, senior vice president, business development and strategic planning of Genesys.